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Ramler Golf is the NEW way to host a Golf Tournament!  Implementing new, unique and creative ideas on the golf course has proven to be a sure fire way to stand out as THE golf tournament to be a part of!  Treat your employees, members or friends to a day of Rambler golf!! 

Rambler Golf Games

Full Service Golf Tournaments


We have reinvented the golf tournament!! Bringing outrageous ideas and concepts to your course is a sure fire way to become the most talked about and attended tournament in your area! We handle everything from invites to course set up to trophy dinner.  Sit back, let us handle it and put on the best tournament you've ever seen or heard about! 

Rambler Golf the App


Dying to play in a Rambler tournament but don't have the ability to put a full tournament on? We've got you covered with our Rambler Golf App! Download today and play with as little as two players!!  The group behind you will wonder what you're laughing at all day, but we promise the best time you've ever had on a golf course!!

Rambler Golf - Caddie Cards


The perfect gift for the golfer in your life!  A hard copy version of our award winning app, golfers can't stop having a great time when playing a round with our caddie cards!  This isn't your poppas golf game - this card game is full of memory makers!  

Customer Reviews


P Bomwell — Parkland, FL


It doesn’t get better.  You guys killed it.   Thanks.   Looking forward to the 2nd annual



O'Keeffe - Parkland, FL

Thanks to all for organizing this event. Lot of laughs and a lot of great people. Had a blast!



B Freidman— Parkland, FL

What an amazingly planned & uniquely executed tournament by  both the organizers & the Club with a phenomenal bunch of guys!!

Can't wait for next year-thanks again  


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